Mission, Values & Beliefs

Our Mission

We desire to experience and share the love of God as we daily follow in the life giving ways of Jesus.

Our Values

Learning to become more authentic followers of Jesus by putting into action the things he taught.

Celebrating the deepest meanings, values, and hopes in our lives through fellowship, worship, spiritual formation and ritual as part of our spiritual journey.

Action based upon our belief in the importance of helping to bring justice, harmony and equality to the world locally and globally.

We accept and include all persons without regard to sexual orientation, gender, race or other characteristics that may define cultural status.

We value education, critical thinking and activities that support health, healing and stewardship of our world, and we want to partner with organizations that participate in building and sustaining healthy persons and healthy communities.

Exploring and learning from beliefs from our own traditions and the traditions of other faiths whose insight into the divine is seen through different lenses.

Our Beliefs

We believe that God is love and that God loves all people unconditionally.

We believe, as Christians, that Jesus is the decisive revelation of God embodied in a human life.

We believe that God intends for people to be whole and fully alive, and that Christianity offers a way to fulfill this intention.

We believe that humanity is inherently diverse and that differences are to be honored.

We believe that Christianity is one faith among many and that Christians are called to respect all persons and other faiths and spiritualities.

We believe that Holy Communion is a gift offered to all, without restrictions or requirements.

We believe that our faith calls us to serve others, to work for social justice and to care for the environment.

We believe, as United Methodists, that faith is grounded in Scripture, tradition, reason and experience, and that Scripture is a chorus of voices that sometimes disagree.

We believe that the United Methodist motto of ‘Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors’ is true to God’s vision and to the life and teachings of Jesus and includes all people regardless of race, class, ability, family composition or sexual orientation, or any other barrier to a sense of belonging.

Lincoln United Methodist Church

Experiencing Love. Sharing Love.