We are a community of everyday people on a sacred journey to experience and share the unconditional love of God as we daily follow in the life-giving ways of Jesus.

Vincent Santanelli

Vinny is passionate about helping people connect with God, whether a believer or skeptic, an atheist or someone who has been “burned by religion.” He believes this happens best in communities that prioritize (and practice) the values of Jesus Christ, values such as compassion, non-judgmentalism, wisdom and grace; therefore, he works to promote and cultivate such values in the places in which he serves, hoping they will, in turn, become Christ-like communities from which healing, growth, neighborliness and social justice spring.

Vinny has been married to his wife, Emily, for 15 years (as of 2019) and has two children (and one cat). He enjoys reading, hiking in nature, stargazing, traveling, meeting new people and music. He is an avid folk ‘n blues musician who plays the guitar, piano, tin whistle and harmonica. When he finds the time, Vinny enjoys performing at a variety of venues around town.

Vinny has worked in sales, education, chaplaincy, community organizing, pastoral ministry, and church planting. He has over 15 years of ministry experience and possesses an undergraduate degree in Bible from Cairn University, a MACE from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Local Pastor’s License from Claremont School of Theology. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Spiritual Direction at Fuller Theological Seminary and the pastor at the Lincoln United Methodist Church in Lincoln, California.

Lincoln United Methodist Church

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